Curatorial Note

Curatorial Note

Postcards from another world…

The after effects of 9/11 are still visible in our lives even after 20 years since that fateful day. The ‘War on Terror’ was announced by the super powers to eliminate terrorism and secure the future of mankind. Thus they, invaded many parts of the world claiming to bring the peace to the world. Pakistan was asked to ‘Do More’ to attain a position as an ally in this endeavor.

The question arises, what effect has this had on average/ordinary individuals, living in these targeted regions which were invaded?  People who have no say in policies and are left in tragic situation.  There was no longer a sense of belonging in ruins of their homes and their lands.

Sajid Khan’s work looks closely at the landscape of his surroundings. The lifeless sky speaks very eloquently about the destruction and torment left behind. The monochromatic tonal clouds float in the spaces wandering as they look for an audience to admire or to praise, no one responds to stories of peace and serenity. Khan’s clouds change dramatically in different compositions; often suggesting a reflection of mushroom clouds rising, dull and lifeless.  Emerging drones as ghosts silently become part of the serene sky to break the stillness of surfaces. The sensitive use of charcoal, graphite and watercolour, remarkably influences the aesthetic of the works. Khan’s skill in developing unusual visuals is extraordinary and becomes brutal at times, when sudden harsh lines randomly appear like marks of bleeding wounds.

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